In addition to research, I am also passionate about teaching. Much like my research, my teaching is also interdisciplinary in terms of both courses I teach and student audiences.

The courses I teach can be divided into two categories: methods courses, where I instruct students in computational techniques such as machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, network science, and other data science methodologies, and courses on the impact of contemporary information technologies on society. In these courses, I dedicate each class to a specific technology or online phenomena, such as social media, web search or voice assistants, and impart to students its effects on societies and politics around the world. 

My students come from a wide range of disciplines and academic levels: from BA students in communication science and computer science to PhDs and Postdocs in political science and sociology. Regardless of the course and student audience, I strive to create the best possible learning experience for every student by adapting my classes to their knowledge levels and disciplinary focus. By prioritizing student feedback and, in turn, providing effective feedback to my students, I help them succeed and reach their full potential.

I am always searching for the most effective ways to engage and support my students. To that end, I stay up-to-date with the latest research in psychology and education science and apply its findings to my own teaching and evaluation methods. For example, I heavily rely on the learning-by-doing strategy since it is proven to increase students’ performance. The methods courses I teach culminate in a research project where students apply the techniques they have learned to a problem of their interest. Through this task, students are able to develop their skills in an independent and self-directed manner, while still receiving guidance and support from me as needed. This hands-on approach has been highly praised by students, many of whom have reported feeling more confident in using computational methods in their own research projects, whether for their BA or MA theses or as doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

My efforts to create a positive and effective learning environment have been successful, as evidenced by high student satisfaction with my courses. Don’t take my word for it, check out the testimonials of my students below!

For the full list of my past and current/upcoming courses, please refer to my CV. If you’d like to invite me to teach a course/workshop/seminar or give a lecture, just send me an email!