This section showcases articles, interviews, and media reports that spotlight my work and its impact beyond the academic community.

Quotes and interviews

Quote: Logically Facts, 01.07.2024. Neither facts nor function: AI chatbots fail to address questions on U.K. general election

Quote: Correctiv, 08.05.2024. Erfundene Kandidaten und Schweigen: Wie Chatbots in Politik-Fragen vor der EU-Wahl versagen (and English version of the article)

Quote: Financial Times, 12.03.2024 Telegram: social media giant or the new ‘dark web’?

Quote: Tages-Anzeiger, 04.02.2024. Schweizer verbreiten russische Propaganda

Quote: Wired, 29.11.2023. Telegram’s Bans on Extremist Channels Aren’t Really Bans

Quote: Nature, 19.10.2023. AI tidies up Wikipedia’s references — and boosts reliability

Quote: Tages-Anzeiger, 17.10.2023. Schweiz gerät im Wahlkampf ins Visier russischer Desinformation

Quote: New Scientist, 18.09.2023. Google Bard AI won’t answer questions about Putin asked in Russian

Quote: Fast Company, 17.05.2023. Russians’ search histories contradict official polling on pro-war sentiment

Quote: Nature, 13.02.2023. AI chatbots are coming to search engines – can you trust the results?

Quote: Fast Company, 11.01.2023. Big Tech transparency reports are a big mess

Interview: Data Skeptic Podcast, 21.11.2022. Measuring web search behavior

Interview: SRF Einstein, 24.03.2022. Corona in der Schweiz: Wird die Gesellschaft immer radikaler?

Interview: BBC Radio 4 (The Digital Human), 21.02.2022. Banished

Quote: The Economist, 23.01.2021. Messaging services are providing a more private internet

Quote: Wired UK, 14.01.2021. Trump’s mob is on Telegram and they’re already getting organised

Other references to my research in the media

My article about political polarization on Twitter was referenced by FiveThirtyEight. Research on Telegram-based activity in Hong Kong during the Anti-ELAB protests of 2019 was mentioned in The Washington Post. The study on the prevalence of conspiratorial content in web search results was covered by The New York Times, Vice, Input, and Stern. Research on far-right communities on Telegram was cited by Le Temps. The preprint on the political bias in LLM-based chatbots was covered by De Telegraaf and De Morgen.